• 23.07.2018

    The Government recovered the remains of nearly 250 soldiers from the Civil War in the pits of the Soleràs and Miravet

    In only one year, the Pla de Fosses multiplies by four the amount of undresses unearthed from the end of the Transition

    Leandro Preixens, the first victim identified through the DNA bank of the relatives of the disappeared

  • 2017.09.02

    The Foreign Affairs Department continues with the Pits Plan 2017-18 deployment

    The Government vice-president and Economy and Treasury minister, Oriol Junqueras, with the Foreign Affairs, Institutional Relations and Transparency minister, Raül Romeva, visited, on the last 1st of September, the exhumation works in Civil War pits placed in Prats de Lluçanès (Osona) and in Vilanova de Meià (Noguera).

    Equally, the minister Romeva has visited the “grave of the unknown soldier” opening works in Cassà de la Selva (Gironès), this morning.

    All three actions are included in the Pits Plan 2017-18.

  • 2017.04.28

    The Generalitat presents the study of pits geolocation in the Priorat and the Lands of the Ebre

    The minister of External Affairs, Institutional Relations and Transparency, Raül Romeva, has presented this morning in the Fatarella (Terra Alta) the result of the first study of common pits geolocation of the Civil War that is carried out in the regions of the Priorat and Landes of the Ebre, and the result of the collection of osseous remains in Lands of the Ebre area, both actions included in the 2017 Plan of pits.

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Victims (1936-1945)

The exhibition, curated by Jordi Barra and produced by the Democratic Memorial, proposes to know tragic episodes of the conflict such as the dead, life in the rear, religious persecution, destruction of heritage, wounded, bombing, refugees, Concentration camps, exile, judicial repression and pits, but also shows encouraging aspects, such as aid organizations, heritage salvation, passive defense, healthcare or life-saving people.

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